Global Trade Compliance and IOR Practices

Our practices in Global Trade Compliance put your company above reproach. Our company adheres to the highest of moral standards in regards to Customs Clearance, IOR, as well as every aspect of business.
We put your legal liability as a serious priority, so your Trade Compliance Team can rest assured that we adhere to the most strict Global Trade Practices.

-Minimalize your company’s risk globally for both IOR and regular shipments.
-Trade and compliance infractions are costly, time consuming and can negatively impact your brand; our global compliance experts minimize your risk while managing cost savings, duties and taxes while reducing transit times.
-Our company creates a multi layered barrier between your global lability with our rigorous legal compliance standards, our importer, and finally through Lab-gistics itself.
-Insures ownership of goods stays with your company throughout the process.
-Avoid corporate tax exposure abroad and domestically.
-Avoid the time, cost and effort involved in incorporating in each country.
-Support your sales organization by enabling them to sell to locations which were previously unreachable.
-Forward stock your product to support one, two and four hour SLIs.

-Avoid all legal trade compliance risks by removing yourself from import and export entirely.
-Our IOR/EOR work for global RMAs in cases where you customer is unable to export.
-Documentation, compliance paperwork and CI and PI edits all done by Lab-gistics.
-Apply for government licenses internationally without your company’s legal or time involvement.
-Fully support for trade shows, office moves or equipment shipments to employees; more advantages than a carnet as there are fewer restrictions, no possible penalties, less documentation and no required return dates.
-Since our processes are very clean and compliant, our results are reliable and repeatable; meaning that unexpected delays are less likely to occur.

One Click Trade Compliance

An excellent feature of Labgistics’ technology platform is our cloud based one click global trade compliance. Chances are your company at some point in time will need to refer back to shipment documents. Labgistics stores all of your shipment documents by shipment in a cloud storage folder. It’s easy to find all your related documents for shipments.

Cloud Storage Shipments