Ocean Freight

-Established knowledge of top carriers and relationships with them.
-Knowledge, relationships, experts, and software, and full visibility of cargo insures your cargo sails on time.
-Service on major and minor lanes.
-Reliable capacity during peak season due to regular quotations from over 20 different sources.
-Door to door visibility.
-Intermodal, Multimodal and Rail Transport to link your projects together affordably.

-Our warehouses cut transit times; since we efficiently transload, segregate, shrink wrap, label, palletize and document your cargo.
-Upon arrival, our deconsolidation and deveining cuts your lead time, as it heads to our warehouse, where we can ship it out FTL, LTL, transload into FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon or your facility direct).
-Creating a new shipment as quick easy and intuitive, Simply email, or upload your commercial documents and will arrange for transportation pick up and delivery and IOR of your cargo. It’s as easy as ordering from Amazon.