A flurry of back-and-forth emails which can be tedious, time-consuming, and confusing especially when there are multiple things going on and people going on vacation; we’ve created a solution to that. We believe it’s much easier to track them visually and be able to comment on time stamped milestones. Shipments don’t get lost, forgotten about, and you know where they are at all times. Giving you full visibility of your shipments in supply chain unlike any other company can offer. Since it’s in our own online portal, it’s very secure. You also have the option to upload a commercial invoice or shipping document, or just email it to us, and we get the job done.

6 Comments to “ Labtrack”

  1. Please arrange this for transportation. We’re using your IOR and EOR services.

    1. No problem, we’ll pick up in San Jose.

    2. We’ve arranged for our driver to pick-up today. Also we’ve made a few changes to your CI. If you want to view all the documents, you can view or download them from our cloud storage.

    3. Good news! Our software has calculated the ETD (Estimated Time Until Delivery), which you can see on the current countdown timer.

    4. Good news, the shipment’s arrived and is going through the customs clearance process right now.

    5. Great news! It’s delivered, here’s your POD. Our technician is actually on site right now, and your equipment has already replaced the old equipment and been installed. We have the defectives on site right now and are testing them.

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