About Us

Lab-gistics is a cutting edge, high tech logistics company; we aim to set the future trends in logistics; our technology and tools enable you to have full visibility over freight in a way that’s never been seen before; and creating a new shipment is as easy as a single click. Our unique blend of software/experts/technology give you the edge to complete globally, lower costs and help you better engage both internal stakeholders end users.

Our staff is a group of good, honest, hardworking people with a passion for technology, logistics and making a difference in the world. We hire people with diverse backgrounds, ranging from military veterans, supply chain specialists, warehousing specialists, cloud and IT specialist, and mechanical engineers.

Our aim is to give our customers a full service platform, that is easy to use, offers end-to-end service for forward thinking companies.

Real time tracking technology, experts and shipment specific communication make your supply chain easy, simple and reliable.